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Hello users of MPrisons,

We would like to announce some major mechanical changes to how you play around our servers! Majority of these changes were made in order to help balance the game-modes and make the game more fair for all our users. We appreciate your patience with us as we continue our beta phase of the network builds. We couldn't do it without the support of our loyal player-base.

Below are some of the changes we've implemented into the game-modes. We will continue to monitor the results and tweak them accordingly.

Prison Pirates:
- Your Auto Miner will no longer find keys as easily. This is a mechanic we originally wanted to be pretty difficult. The key drop chance has been significantly reduced. Keep on mining with your miner in order to find keys!

Galaxy Factions:
- The amount of money gained from loot crates has been significantly reduced. Users should be prioritizing the auction...

The servers are now back online! Due to our data changes and migrations, you may have lost some data. This will not happen again. Luckily, if you start a support ticket on our Discord or forums, we can help you re-gain access to your missing data.

Please bear with us as we work to restore the data that each player might be missing. We have hue plans for the future, and how we handle your data is a big part of that goal.

Thanks for being valued players,
MPrisons Staff.
Hello MPrisons users,

We are bringing our servers offline for a temporary amount of time. This is due to maintenance towards the way we store your data across our network. Expect big and better things once this is finished.

We expect the downtime to take about 24 hours. This time could be longer or shorter depending on how quick our team can handle this migration. Please bear with us!

Once our data migration is finished, please let us know through a support ticket if you have any issues with your previous saved games. We will work around the clock to get your data back into your hands as the player.

From all the MPrisons staff members,
Thank you!
Welcome, friends!

The DragonStone Skyblock has a whole bunch of new features, and we want YOUR feedback! From functionality to fun, we want to know what you do and don't like or if you have anything you'd want to see implemented! So please feel free to reach out


Your goal is to become the biggest and best throughout various achievements:
  • First, make sure to start your island! Weekly rewards will be given out to the Player with the largest island, most powerful island, and the island with the most blocks.
  • Claim your area in the Skyblock world to construct your dream island! Players can submit their names for weekly build contests for awesome rewards!
How to Start:
  • You start in the beautiful land of Xardelia , make sure you explore the spawn to see the beautiful architecture and check out all the cool features!
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Ahoy there!

The Prison Pirates game mode has now been opened for immediate testing! Let us know your thoughts, and how we can improve this unique game mode for you all!

⚔ Quick Information Coverage ⚔️
Your goal is to become the biggest and best throughout various achievements:
  • First, make sure to join a Pirate Crew! You can challenge crews in the battle arena, crew chat with only your members, and more! Weekly rewards will be given out to the crews with the highest W/L Ratio and K/D ratios.
  • Claim your area in the pirate world to construct the best plot! Users/crews with the best plots will be given weekly rewards!
  • Mine and escape captivity from the pirate kings mega jail! ...

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