[01/17/2020] Update Changelog - Major Mechanic Changes!

Hello users of MPrisons,

We would like to announce some major mechanical changes to how you play around our servers! Majority of these changes were made in order to help balance the game-modes and make the game more fair for all our users. We appreciate your patience with us as we continue our beta phase of the network builds. We couldn't do it without the support of our loyal player-base.

Below are some of the changes we've implemented into the game-modes. We will continue to monitor the results and tweak them accordingly.

Prison Pirates:
- Your Auto Miner will no longer find keys as easily. This is a mechanic we originally wanted to be pretty difficult. The key drop chance has been significantly reduced. Keep on mining with your miner in order to find keys!

Galaxy Factions:
- The amount of money gained from loot crates has been significantly reduced. Users should be prioritizing the auction house, shops and other various economic features to get their money.