How Xbox Series X Game Call Of The Sea Uses The Console's Power


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The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's most powerful console ever. Developers large and small are supporting the system with new games that take advantage of the increased horsepower, and this includes developer Out of the Blue which is releasing Call of the Sea on Series X later this year.

Programmer Manuel Fernandez recently spoke about how Call of the Sea is optimized for the Xbox Series X. Starting off, Fernandez told Xbox Wire that a non-hardware element of the Series X is worth speaking about--Smart Delivery. People who buy Call of the Sea on Xbox One can get the Series X edition at no extra charge, and their save game and progress will move between the systems.

"We love being part of this new norm as the generation shifts," Fernandez said. "Sharing settings and games between different systems. That makes you design the game thinking as a whole and not as something that is tied to a single platform."

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